10 Things You Can Totally Relate To If You Live With Your S.O

Going to sleep with the one you love and waking up with them every morning, it sounds like a blissful fairy tale that we all dream of as children. Imagine having someone there to hug you every time you felt down, someone there to do up your dress zipper and someone there to bring you tea when you were in bed sick. It all sounds perfect right!

Well, much like a rom-com movie, this dream brushes over some of the real things that couples discover when they move in together. Like constant morning breath, dutch ovens, mess and the loss of mystery. I raised this question with my friends and people in the office and we can all agree on these things.

1.  We realised that most males don’t believe in using the washing basket. Rather, there will be a pile of washing right next to the basket. The floor is not a basket!

2.  No matter how many times you say ‘you’ll be ready in five’ and actually turn up ready in 20 minutes, he is still surprised. Then, once you (finally) get ready, he still needs to put on his shoes and go to the bathroom.

3.  We discovered that most guys really like to leave EVERYTHING open. Because why close a cupboard door or a drawer right? This seems to be their way of thinking at least.

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4.  Mystery is gone, so, so gone. The days of you saving your ‘me time’ for when you are alone are gone. I’m talking face masks, pore strips and fake tanning time that is obviously done in your fattest pants and largest hoodie.

5. Little things can become big things. You like no top sheet, he likes a top sheet – his inflexibility on this issue can be a nightmare!

6. One of you will never turn off any of the lights, which will make the other person become the light police! Also, you discover you have very different temperature gauges – you might be a hot water bottle in bed who finds the duvet and a blanket too much, while the other person almost always needs the duvet/blanket combo.

Bonus struggle of living with men: The man look. “Left, right, no it’s not in there.” Then, we go in look for one second and it is right in front of their eyes had they just looked up or down!