Men Hate It When We Get Annoyed At Them About These Two Things

Everyone thinks that men and women are from different planets and those of us in a relationship might just believe that…We love our S.Os, of course we do. But that doesn’t mean they don’t drive us completely up the wall. In saying that, science might have just backed up the men in our life on these two little (but argument provoking) things.

According to science and men everywhere, these are two things men get most annoyed about in a relationship.

You get annoyed at them for not picking up on subtle cues

Men are pretty terrible at picking up on your subtle hints, something we all know if we have ever given them the subtle ‘shut up’ look when out for a group dinner and they keep talking.  Fortunately for men, science has backed this up and it seems men have twice as much trouble deciphering the emotion in women’s eyes than in men’s eyes. Researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany presented men with 36 photos of pairs of eyes, half women and half men. They were then asked to determine whether the person was distrustful or terrified, while an fMRI analysed how their brain was working. The results found that the brain regions that are involved with emotions were more active when the participants were looking into males eyes. It all seems pretty legit, I mean, when I give the ‘stop talking you’re digging yourself a hole’ look it never seems to work but just one look between guys about an attractive looking lady walking past and they seem to be speaking the same language!