3 Of The Sassiest TV Shows You Should Watch This Weekend

Sometimes when you are after a good show to watch it doesn’t matter how many awards it has won or how many of the actors and actresses are very well known, it is all about the pleasure you get when watching it.

It is about the amount of times you 100% LOL and the number of times you pause it to send snapchats to your friends of the outfits/hot guys/first kisses.

I am the epitome of a trash-TV watcher and proud. Sex and the City is a show I have watched at least 4 times and the rest of this list is already in my ‘watched’ folder.

The one thing the following 5 shows all have in common is that they are hilarious, they have fashion hits and misses and most of all they have the most wonderful one liners because the cast and the characters are some of the sassiest women to grace the screen.

Get a bottle of wine, a block of chocolate and take your bra off and make your way through this list.


You know those shows that are just so bad that they are good, well this is the epitome of this show.  The show is about a 40-year-old woman who can’t get a job because of her age so she tells a little while lie…she’s now a 26-year-old. After scoring a job in publishing, a date with a very attractive 26-year-old and a 26-year-old best friend (Hilary Duff), she might just forget about her life in the burbs.

While the premise might be a little, well, unbelievable the show leaves you laughing out loud and is one of those feel good shows that you can binge watch all weekend (There are currently only 3 seasons. Each season is 11/12 episodes long and the episodes are 20-30 minutes so I’m 100% serious that you can watch the whole show in a weekend.)

It is created by Darren Star, Sex and the City’s writer, so big things were obviously expected. 
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Gilmore Girls

Who can forget the fast talking, fast food eating, fast-paced show that follows a young mum and her teen daughter. Lorelai and Rory keep us on their toes as the mother and daughter duo make their way through love, life, loss and most off all your mum meeting your first boyfriend.

You also can’t miss the Gilmore Girls ‘a year in the life’, which can only be watched once you complete the original 7 seasons.  The highly anticipated 4-episode revival gave Gilmore Girls a new leaf on life and other show-addicts hope that their favourite show may be picked up by Netflix.
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Gossip Girl

The fashion, the scandal, the one liners and the eye-candy…this show has it all. While you might be pressed to watch this in one weeekend (actually impossible) the 6 seasons will keep you going for a while.

Life on Manhattan’s East Side never looked so good as it does in this show through the eyes of the privileged. You will fight with your head and your heart as the characters find their way to love (seriously, some seasons are hard to handle). Most of all you will wonder how it is possible for these people to have such a busy social life, clearly set before Netflix was a thing.
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