5 Gorgeous Ways To Master This 2016 Living Trend

Every stunning home that we step foot into has one thing in common, open shelving adorned with plants, magazine, books, photos and treasures from travels. So it is no surprise that we are intrigued by the trend.

Whether your home is retro, shabby chic or industrial Republic Home has an abundant and diverse collection of storage and shelving options.

You want to display the photo of you and your S.O on your first holiday together and the gorgeous, hand blown trinket from Murano. Other times,  you have some less attractive things, you know, the imminent ‘junk drawer’. This is where a handy drawer or two comes in or you can use a nice basket or box and slide it into a shelf. Either way, open shelving offers you the best of both worlds.

Browse below to see some of the on-trend shelving looks from Republic Home.

Get the industrial look with our Locker Bookshelf with 4 tiers of shelves and 4 doors.



Kleo open 5 book shelving unit, both manufactured with recycled boat wood shelves and recycled drum metal side and top panels. Each one of these shelving units is unique, as the colours within the recycled boat wood naturally vary.



For a modern retro vibe check out the unique Republic Home Honeycomb shelving unit. 



For a masculine look, check out the Republic Home Bombay solid wood bookshelf, finished in matt black finish and brass detailing, from a kiwi designer. 


For a contemporary look go for the Republic Home Tama Shelving unit made form solid european oak with a seared stain finish and blackened steel.