5 Travel Blogs That You Need To Read To Fuel Your Wanderlust

For some people staying in one place is not an option as the itchy feet become too much and the only cure is a plane ticket. For me, and many other people, this is a way of life. Some of us are still sitting behind a desk, while others are out making their travel dreams come true.

I’m going to be honest, people who get to travel for a living make me a green-eyed monster. Waking up in a new city and exploring every nook and cranny of a new place fills me with excitement, much like it does these people.


Polkadot passport

22-year-old Nicola Easterby has been to 33 countries and has a blog filled with travelling knowledge to match. Her blog posts are about everything travel related and include gems like the secret to getting photos of yourself when travelling solo and top 10 must do’s in London.  Nicola is also a photographer, so needless to say has the whole package and her Instagram account will give you a case of wanderlust like never before.

Trdelník. So. Much. Deliciousness. ?

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A blonde around the world

Pam Goding is a travel photographer and a blogger, the perfect mix for a travel blog. She quit her job and followed her dreams and now she is sharing every inch of the world. She shares her tips on how to be a solo female traveller as well as the classic travel tips that we never get sick of hearing.


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One world just go

40 countries and 170+ cities, villages and islands later, Janya has made her passion her life. Like all of the other bloggers she has an eye for photography and has a dedicated post to her most epic travel photos.  One of her most unique posts shares her tales of becoming Facebook friends with monks on U Being bridge.

If you didn’t colour coordinate your outfit did you even go to Mykonos?

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I’m gonna pull a Kanye and say ‘this is one of my best photos of ALL time!’

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