5 Of The Most Unusual, Jaw-Dropping Beaches You Need To Visit

There is nothing I love more than feeling the sand between my toes while I eat fish and chips on the beach. It was the first thing I did when I got home from a year abroad – complete with Fanta and Pineapple Lumps of course. Having a love affair with the beach is a way of life for New Zealanders, the second the Christmas holidays begin till the clock strikes work, we are spending every minute living the beach life.

Whether you are planning an overseas holiday or looking to go further in New Zealand here are 5 jaw-dropping – and incredibly unusual beaches.


Pink Sand Beach

Is it real?? Yes! You may wonder how the sand is pink and teh answer is down to eroded particles from red corals. Giving the beach a pinkish glow – emphasised on social media thanks to filters – this spot is a must see for anyone who calls themselves a beach girl.


Cathedral Cove
New Zealand


One of the most beautiful spots on the Coromandel Coast, Cathedral Cove draws thousands of tourists in the summer – despite the walk to get there. Made a little more famous when it featured in Narnia’s Prince Caspian, the spot is a must for your summer adventures.

Can’t go wrong with a weekend in @thecoromandel, so so beautiful. Creation rules ???☀️

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Pig Beach

Forget swimming with the fishes, this spot is all about swimming with some new four-legged friends.  Pig beach is populated by wild pigs who enjoy lounging around in the clear waters. The pigs live on the beaches and while they are wild, they have become incredibly friendly thanks to the hoards of tourists.

My fellow party animals ?

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