9 Questions Guys Wish They Could Ask On A First Date

First dates are full of awkwardness; your palms are sweaty, your words are sloppy and chances are you have stalked this person on social media so you are trying to figure out how to bring up that they know one of your ex’s friends without seeming like a creep…Dating really has become a lot more complicated since social media came to the party.

On a date everyone is the best version of themselves. You don’t let on that you have a social media stalking addiction…just like they don’t let on that they have a tendency to eat week old takeout while calling their mum to do their laundry. We are all clean, tidy, stalk-free adults on a date.

But if you could be you, the real you, what would you ask on a first date? Men (and some woman) of Reddit got really real when asked ‘what question do you wish you could ask on a first date but you can’t because it is inappropriate’.

Let’s put it this way, guys want to cut to the chase and see if there really is a future between the two of you.

1. Are you deep down already into someone else?
– Jolt93

2. All the big deal-breaker questions.

Such as: Do you want kids? Where do you want to live long-term? What (if any) religion do you follow? And how important are the answers you just gave to you?
– yokohama11

3. What’s your ideal sex life?
– iggybdawg

4. Are you emotionally and mentally stable? Can you cope with everyday life?
– every_other_monday

5. If I get pregnant by mistake, what would you do?
– recklessyreck

6. Honestly, “Have you ever cheated on anyone?”

It’s probably my biggest deal breaker, so I might as well get it out of the way.
– [deleted]

7. How do you react when you’re angry? Do you yell? Do you blame others without thinking that it’s possibly your fault? Do you smash things? Do you punch walls? Do you punch people? Or are you a more logical and balanced person that is honest about mistakes and can talk things out?

Any potentially life-ending diseases you’ve got?

…do you like Disney?

Are you into video games or just Call of Duty/World of Wacraft?
– icewolf

8. How much debt are you carrying around?
– doberman9

9. How much money do you make or something along those lines. Women straight up ask my net worth, yearly income, my job, career goals, but I am not allowed to ask women the same. I know, because I’ve tried it on several females before, even if just in response to their financial questions, it gets guarded answers at best.
– DPestWork

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