This ’90s ‘Skater Girl’ Item Is Back In Trend And We Couldn’t Be More Excited

Avril Lavigne knew what was up when she belted out the ’90s classic and spelled it like only a true ’90s baby would understand. After all we all loved the sk8 boi trend, tulle skirts mixed with hoodies and high stripy socks.

Some of it is best kept in the ’90s, but some of the ’90s trends are coming back and we are so damn excited. The best re-arrival has to be the hoodie.

Sure, they never really went away but they did go ‘out of trend’. Now, you can be on trend while being completely and utterly snug.

Sadly the reemergence of the hoodie trend does not involve the classic Jay-Jays OTT printed hoodies with crazy quote, but maybe this is best for everyone.

You may be a little uncertain how this has actually moved from the ‘active wear’ category into the ‘trendy street style’ type. Here we have gathered all of the inspo you need to nail the street style hoodie look.

Grey hoodies work under anything, street style icon Isabella Charlotta Poppius and Kendall Jenner prove that.

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Kylie Jenner knows what is up when it comes to hoodies and leather pants.

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