The ’90s Necklace You Loved To Hate Is Back! But Are You Ready?

Style is pain, at least that is what we tell ourselves when we bend our feet in to sky-high stilettos. Pain for the fashion cause is nothing new to us though, in the ’90s we were exposed to one of the most painful accessories ever, and it is back.

Remember the Puka Shell Necklace? The wee white shell necklaces that caught on your hair and pinched your skin! Well, they are back in all its torturing glory!
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Urban Dictionary describes the piece as a “mid- to late-1970s necklace made of small, round white shells. Worn by surfers, it caught on and was a big fad. Worn usually snug around the neck; they were a status symbol until about 1980; they came back in style for a short time many years later.”

If you are ready to travel back to the days or pain, all in the name of fashion, you can purchase the necklace on ASOS.




Pop your hair in countless braids and you are ready to relive the golden days!