The Only Guide You Need For Understanding Your Skin Type And How To Care For It

I don’t know about you, but the dream is to wake up every morning with skin that is so refreshed, smooth and flawless without a touch of makeup, which is why skincare is incredibly important. We have known this for years since that first breakout in our dreaded teenage years where our skin went from happy to hell over night. With everyone’s skin being as unique as they are it can be hard to know where to start.

We spoke to Spring Spa senior facialist Autumn, who shared some insight into skincare.  “With the plethora of skincare products available on the market, it is difficult to not get carried away buying into new products and trends – even if they are not suited or right for our skin type,” she said.  “Most of us are guilty; we only need look in our bathroom cupboard to see collections of lonesome, half-used creams and skincare products sitting unused.” Spring Spa sources the best facial products, opting to use globally recognised skincare brand built on science, beauty and care –  Environ.

So what can we do to get the glowing skin we so desperately yearn for? According to Autumn the secret to amazing skin “is a simple skincare routine, using the right products for your skin type and consistency.”

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“We have a really simple way to know what your skin type is so when you’re out acquiring products, you can be sure you’re not going to buy something you don’t need or worse create a reaction to your skin type.”


  • Get professional advice

A skin assessment with Spring senior facialists is a sure way to get it right from the beginning.  During skin assessments, therapists clean the skin, look at it under a bright light and help you to decipher your skin type along with what products will work well with or solve any particular conditions you are trying to balance and correct.


  • Oil and water

Most products contain varying levels of oil and water.
For a dryer skin, you generally use products with more oil than water, so cream based or pure oils.
For an oily skin, it’s best to use low-to no oil products, like gels, milk, mud/clays or even oil-free products. Environs AVST range is excellent for oily combinations skins as they boost the skins moisture and nutrient level without overloading and causing break outs like so many products do. Try the AVST hydration lotion. This not only hydrates but balances out skin tone while lactic acid gently exfoliates. For dryer, more mature skin, the C-Quence range is richer helping to plump up the skin giving a stronger ant-ageing effect for those who want to see results faster.

  • Treat sensitivity first

Treat your sensitivity before your skin type.  Skin sensitivity may arise from external or internal factors.  Whether it’s the environment, applying incorrect product, medication, hormones or internal conditions, the right course of treatment is to reduce redness and breakouts first. Colostrum Gel from Environ helps to calm skin and reduce the appearance of redness and acne and is suitable for all skin types. Once your skin sensitivity has been addressed then you can look at suitable products and facials to enhance your skin and get it looking, feeling & functioning the best it can.


  • Anti Aging

For most people anti- aging is the main aim. We all have little blips along the way that we need to treat like breakouts, sensitivity or winter dryness but manly we want to turn back the clock and stay looking young forever. Environ is unique with it’s step up programme. The AVST range is perfect for those younger clients who want to start caring for their skin and prevent the aging process. Starting with AVST 1 and working your way up to AVST 5 means you have a long term skin care regime and goal. The doses of Vitamin A and C get stronger as your skin gets more tolerant giving it the much needed nutrients that naturally get depleted due to our environment, diet, sun and lifestyle. The C-Quence range is similar. It starts with C-Quence 1 and goes up to 5 elevating the doses of Vitamin A & C as well as added peptide and other detoxifying ingredients. If your skin has already started aging and is lacking in oil and you want visible results fast, this range is you go-to.


  • Pigmentation

Something you probably never even thought about until it suddenly appeared on your cheek or a spot on the back of your hand. Generally caused by sun damage, when faced with UV rays your skin produces melanin to protect itself from burning. It is this in the deeper layers of the skin that causes the brown stained look. Easy to appear, difficult to get rid of. But not impossible. New Zealand’s lack of Ozone means we are even more susceptible to it than most other countries. The best way is to treat it from the inside out. Using Environs Retinol 1 (vitamin A) which goes deeper into the skin helping with cell turnover to draw out the pigmentation then exfoliating it away once it reaches the surface gives the best results. Products containing Glycolic acid and Lactic acid gently peel away the dead and pigmented skin. Envrion’s Alpha Hydroxy Gel contains both and only needs to be applied 2-3 times a week. Or if you prefer the in Salon treatment try Adding on a Lac Pam Peel to one of the Luxury Environ Facials. Vitamin C has a brightening detoxifying effect on the skin so try Environs C Boost for even quicker results. The main thing to remember with Pigmentation and using such exfoliating products is SPF. We should all be wearing this everyday but especially if we are using these products and especially if we want to avoid pigmentation and premature aging. The best thing about Envrion’s RAD SPF 15 is that it feels good. Forget that it protects you skin and contains anti-oxidants, it doesn’t make you feel oily and cause break outs after 5 minutes like most SPFs and it’s suitable for babies.