A Health Expert Debunks The Biggest Myth Surrounding Plant-Based Diets

When people say they only only eat plant-based foods a lot of people have a lot of questions and at times concerns, especially regarding whether the ‘dieters’ are getting the nutrients they need to be healthy. The first thing to remember is that this is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle. Either way, diet or lifestyle, myths continue to float around.

We spoke to Sarah Tanner, author of Glo, a plant-rich recipe cookbook, and asked her about plant-based diets/nutrition and the most common myth she would like to debunk. 

Unsurprisingly, it was about protein.

“The most common question that people bring up when I discuss plant-based nutrition, is where do you get your protein from?” she said.

This is what Tanner had to say …

“For one, I would like to think that I don’t look like I’m wasting away and atrophied, therefore, let’s assume that I am clearly getting enough protein. In fact, since going plant-based, I have been able to increase my lean muscle mass – Go figure!

When the P word comes up, I ask people to think of a time in their lives when they required the most growth and development. A time when they doubled their body weight in as little as five months. Yes five months. And not only that, tripled their weight in one year.

That’s right, the time was when they were a delicious, newborn bub.

Now with that in mind, I ask what the food supply was that enabled this mammoth growth. Not to mention the fuel for brain, organ, bone, eye and muscle development. Yes, it was breast milk.

And then I ask, what do you think the protein percentage of the milk was? Nobody can believe it when I say that it is only 6%.

We actually only need 10% protein to function at an optimum level, even professional athletes. And if you ate oats all day, (not that I recommend that but just to prove the point) you would reach your quota.

If this doesn’t debunk the myth all I can say is, try for yourself. Nothing replaces experience.”

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