According To Pinterest This Is The Fitness Fad We Are Going To Be Obsessed With In 2017

Ahhh the new year is near and of course that means new goals for the year. No matter what we say or do, deep down everyone thinks that the new year is going to be there year in terms of fitness. Instead of setting unrealistic body goals, why not think about it in terms of wellness. Once you are thinking like this, here are a few fitness and wellness fads that are going to be big in 2017.

Pinterest’s insights team has dug through a load of data from 2016 to find the emerging fitness trends.

When it comes to our area of focus for the gym, our 2017 selves are hoping to have rock hard abs.

Having ‘abs’ is actually more important than just looking good in a bikini. A strong core helps you do every single exercise better, and prevents injury. It is also important for your posture, balance and managing lower-back pain.

Time to work on that six-pack, here are a few ab exercises you might want to try.


Try these ab makers ?? @kaliburns

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Try these ab killers @linnlowes ????

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2017 is also set to see a lot of detox teas enter our life, long live tea! Some detox teas can be dangerous, as we have seen from many that contain senna or other ingredients that have a laxative effect. Instead, look for a natural detox tea like Storm and India (which taste amazing, especially the afternoon blend) or why not make your own.

Detox Tea
Combine the following to taste:

  • honey
  • lemon juice
  • cayenne pepper (a very small amount!)
  • cinnamon
  • apple cider vinegar (about 2tbsp seems to be a palatable amount)
  • water

Last, but certainly not least, Pinterest believes we are going to switch up our warm showers for … cold showers! It sounds like crazy talk, but cold showers are actually so good for you that you might change your mind!

A cold shower in the morning can stimulate the parts of your brain that are associated with mood, in other words making you happy. It is also great for locking in nutrients in your hair when you wash it, boosting your immune system, and speeding up your metabolism.