According To Science This Is What The Happiest Relationships Looks Like

For one reason or another we all want to know the secret to a happy relathionship. Whether we are loved up sitting her writing this piece as our S.O does his work beside us, or whether we are in bed watching Netflix single as a pringle. We all want to know the secret to happy every after, just like the Disney Princesses we grew up adoring. The secret isn’t as easy as letting him slip a glass slipper on your feet, rather, it is a bit of hard work mixed with a few other things. The only issue is, these things change SO MUCH.

Think about our grandparents and parents, men helping with the household chores was not at all on the cards and you didn’t have to worry about communicating over the phone! It seems then that having it all in a relationship is actually getting a little more complicated. Good thing there are scientists out there dedicated to providing up with up-to-date studies that share the secret to a happy relationship.

Happiest couples don’t … let their fingers do the talking

According to a study by Brigham Young University researchers Lori Schade and Jonathan Sandberg, couples that are constantly connected through technology are actually unhappier as it can create some disconnection in committed relationships. They surveyed 276 young adults and found that;

  • For women: Using text messages to apologise, work out differences or make decisions is associated with lower relationship quality
  • For men: Too frequent texting is associated with lower relationship quality. For men more texting doesn’t mean a better relationship. Also, they don’t just get tired of receiving texts, the study found males relationship satisfaction is also lower when they send a lot of texts themselves.
  • For all: Expressing affection via text enhances the relationship

In other words, stop texting and call each other. It is more effective and it stops any miscommunication or misunderstandings that could result in arguments. We are all guilty of reading into that ‘K’ he just sent …

Happiest couples don’t … have kids

This is a big statement and one that obviously doesn’t suggest you shouldn’t have kids. Rather, you will be a little happier with your partner if you can give them you undivided attention, while spending the rest of the time alone or with friends – not feeding a mini me. There have been a few studies that suggest this, a 2014 Open University study of 5,000 people of all ages found that those who had no kids and weren’t married were actually happier.

Happiest couples don’t … fight over chores, they split them equally. 

How often do you come home to find that the bed hasn’t been made or that the dishes haven’t been done and without fail, you soon find yourself bickering with your partner over something petty and stupid. But no matter how small it might seem, couples that eliminate this bickering are actually happier. So long story short, share the chores and watch your relationship satisfaction skyrocket, at least that is what this study found. Sharing household chores ranked third on a list of nine items that measure relationship satisfaction behind faithfulness and a happy sexual relationship. This marks a huge change since the study was last done in 1990.