According To Science This Is The Best Diet For Weight Loss

If you have tried every diet and found they either fail or are too hard to stick with, this might be the answer.

According to Harvard Medical studies, the Mediterranean diet is the closest option to the ultimate weight loss diet. This diet is heavy in fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil, and beans, and low in meat, dairy, and eggs, the Mediterranean diet is also beneficial for your heart, eyes, and brain function.

998 overweight trial participants lived on the Mediterranean diet for a year and lost between four and 10 kilos.

Other participants on the low-carb and American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet had similar results, while those on the low-fat diet lost between two and half and five kilos.

The study concluded that the Mediterranean diet was the best option because of its heart-healthy benefits.

While this might not appeal to you 100% of the time, there are some pretty delicious looking Mediterranean meals you could incorporate into your diet. Plus, you can feel like you are in the Mediterranean.


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Happy eating!