According To Science This Is How To Make The Perfect Workout Playlist

It is one thing getting out of bed in the morning and convincing yourself head to the gym, but that is not where the challenge ends. Pushing yourself that extra step at the gym is a struggle, especially without a trainer’s beady eyes watching you. Sometimes you can get a little sloppy and skip a rep of squats or a few seconds on your plank. We are all guilty, even the pros.

Without getting a personal trainer or a training buddy to hold you accountable, it can see, like a never ending challenge to mentally prepare yourself to work harder. That was until scientists saved the day.

A study has found that music helps ‘moderate exercisers’ work harder. The researchers believed that the healthy individuals who worked out pumped harder with faster music. In other words, music that had a faster BPM.

Think about it, when you hear Pharrell Williams belting out his Happy tune, you feel a little more active. This is because the song is 160BPM, also great for high-intensity training. Songs need to have an up-tempo beat, which is anything over 120BPM.

How worth it is it you might think? In a review of the study in 2012, leading expert of the psychology of exercise music Dr Costas Karageorghis wrote that music is thought of as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.”

Making a playlist with music of the right up-beat tempo is a bit of a process, but for a ‘legal performance-enhancing drug’, I would say it is worth it.

The easiest way to make your own playlist is to think of the songs you want and then test their BPM using a site like this. The higher the intensity of your workout, the more up-beat you want your song to be.

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