According To A New Study This Is How Long The Working Day Should Be To Maximise Happiness

It is no secret that the 9-5 working day is out the window and people all across the world are working countless hours just to keep up with the work load and the need to excel in your profession. However, this often leads to burn out and a terrible work-life balance, something we all vowed would never happen to us.

People are left unhappy and with less passion when it comes to the job they trained year to acquire. There is a silver lining, one that is unlikely to be picked up by New Zealand companies but we can dream right!

A new study revealed that participants who worked 6 hour days rather than 8 or more, with no pay cut, were a lot happier! There was also declines in absenteeism, aka ‘mental health days’ and increases in productivity and worker health.

Sounds great right!