According To Divorce Lawyers These Five Factors Can Kill Your Marriage

When you put on the ring and say ‘I do’ you mean it forever, or at least you do at the time. Things change, people change and at times divorce is the best thing for everyone involved. There is no real way to predict whether your marriage is going to be happily ever after, but there are some people out there who have a pretty good idea of how good it will be – divorce lawyers.

They are there when times are tough and have observed some of the trends that might predict the length of a marriage. According to studies these are some factors that can lead to divorce.
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1. The price of your wedding and engagement.
This sounds incredibly surprising, and terrible, but according to an Emory University study people who pay more than USD20,000 for an engagement ring are three and a half times more likely to get divorced than those who spend under USD10,000. Former divorce lawyer Michelle Crosby said she could see this in her own clients and believed that the brides who spend so much on the ring are more focused on the ring and the dress than the partnership.

2. The length of your relationship.
Have you seen the movie The Seven Year Itch? Well, it is based on a real phenomenon.  Census Bureau data found that couples are more likely to get divorced once they hit their 7-year wedding anniversary.

3. The age difference.
Older women marrying younger men is becoming somewhat of a thing these days, but sadly these marriage are more likely to end in divorce.  This study found that women three or more years older than their husband are 53% more likely to get divorced than those who are just one or two years older.

4. Drinking or drug use.
Excessive drinking or drug use was a big contributing factor to divorce according to this study. It also found that incompatibility played a big role in divorce and that women were more likely to initiate the divorce.

5. Young age.
Getting married is a huge commitment, something that is happening later in life than ever before, which according to this study might be a good thing. Researchers found that young age was a factor in divorce rates. Their classification of ‘young’ is pretty young, stating that  “those who marry in their teens have much higher divorce rates. By about age 21 or 22, however, that risk goes down dramatically.”

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