According To Experts These Simple Lifestyle Changes Will Help You Lose Weight Faster

Let’s be honest, some of us went a little hard on the comfort food over the winter. Maybe I am talking for myself and my obsession with mashed potato, or maybe you also went a little hard on the heavy winter meals and Netflix and chill.

Whatever the case, with summer here there are plenty of reasons why we need a helping hand when it comes to burning the last of the belly fat. We know the best exercise for losing belly fat and the foods to eat, but what about the small lifestyle changes we could make to help shed the last few bits of stubborn fat?

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Eat slowly

How many of you sit in front of a screen and mindlessly munch down your lunch or dinner in mere minutes? Not only does this make the 20 minute cooking time feel ridiculous, but it also has a correlation between body fat. Research published in the Journal of Epidemiology found that the faster people ate the unhealthier and larger they tended to be. Eating slowly is the best way to make you feel full.