According To Science Men Love It When You Wear These Two Things

When it comes to getting ready men have this perception that we put all the time and attention into what we wear for their benefit. Something that is rarely true, I tend to care more so when I walk past a reflective surface I like what I see! Whoever you dress for, there are times where we do want to make an effort for the special man (or hopefully soon to be special man) in our life.

So, what are the items of clothing that make men’s eyes pop out of their heads like they do in the cartoons?

Thankfully, science has the answer.

1. High Heels

I’m not entirely surprised about this if I am honest. As women we know the benefits to heels and the changes they make to our posture, our legs and well, out booty. It seems that men have also twigged on to this. According to a study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior heels ‘increase attractiveness’ and men were also more likely to help a woman pick up the glove she dropped as soon as their heel height increased. One last thing, men were more likely to quickly approach a woman when she was in high-heeled shoes.


2. Red

Years ago I read something in a magazine that suggested if you wore red lipstick or a red dress you were more likely to garner attraction from the opposite sex. It seems that this idea was based on science. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that red enhances men’s attraction to women. According to the researchers red led men to view women as more attractive and sexually desirable. The funny thing is that if you ask a man why he is looking at you, he has no idea. The study found that men seem unaware of this ‘red effect’.

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