According To Science This Is The Trick For A Happier And More Successful 2017

There are only a few days left of 2016 and we know what that means; new years resolutions are about to start spamming our lives. We will be psyching ourselves up to start the new year with a bang and become our best self.

Whether this is to become a gym bunny with rock hard abs, to be more successful in your job and hobbies or to simply become more mindful and happy – the solution is a lot more simple and straightforward than you think.

A recent Harvard study, which examined 75 years of data revealed that the trick to being happier and more successful is to spend more time with people who make you happy.

The Grant and Glueck study followed 268 male Harvard graduates and 456 ‘poor men’ who grew up in Boston between 1939 and 2014. The looked at their physical and emotional well being and analysed brain scans, blood samples and self-reported surveys.

The conclusions were simple, close relationships have the power to make or break a person’s wellbeing. So how can you make this work whatever your resolutions may be for 2017?

Getting Fit

Ahhh the classic resolution for the new year. We all want to be a fitter, healthier version of ourselves. If you are serious about it, get a group of people you like to be around and make a date out of it. Whether it is simply joining the same gym or making a habit to go to yoga classes together. Heck, if you are competitive make a star chart and loser shouts the other one and after work smoothie – trust me, it works!

Being more successful in your job

Having a work BFF is not only better than a pay rise (apparently) but it can help to have someone that has your back and joins you on lunch time sojourns. Being happier at work and enjoying heading there everyday can only help you become more successful at your job.

Spend less, save more

If both you and your friends are saving, you will be surprised at how much you can save. Forget those expensive girls nights out that start and end with cocktails, go to a BYO and watch your savings grow.

Make more time for friends and family

Well, this one is pretty self explanatory…

Live life to the fullest

Think about what this means for you and then share it with your friend. Chances are you will both have similar taste – after all you are friends for a reason. Whether it is travelling more or learning a new hobby (coincidentally two other very common resolutions), having someone to do it with is a lot less daunting and more likely to happen.

Read more books

Two words – book club. I’m thinking cheese and wine and a good book. If you are held accountable you are more likely to actually finish a book, plus, if you all pick different books then you will end up reading genres you otherwise wouldn’t pick up.


*These were the most common resolutions from a 2015 Nielsen report.