This Is How Much You Need To Exercise To See Results According To The Experts

Every morning when my alarm goes off at 6.30 I begrudgingly get up (most of the time) and head to the gym. Sure at 8.30 I feel great, albeit a little fatigued, but getting up is a struggle and I always think – Is it that important? Do I really need this much exercise?

We found out just how much exercise you do need whether you are looking to lose weight or keep fit and healthy.

Losing weight … 

The U.S Department of Health and Human Sciences shared how much daily exercise you need to lose weight. They reported that experts suggest up to 60 minutes a day, five days a week, is necessary for weight loss. Of course, while any exercise is better than none it is best to do some high intensity workouts, which is also better for burning your belly fat. 

Keeping fit and healthy…

If you are happy with your weight and are simply working out for the endorphins and to stay healthy, the American Cancer Society recommends that you get at least 45 – 50 minutes of exercise five times a week.

This is less than the findings of a study published in the Lancet, which suggested that people who sit for around 8 hours a day should push play for 60 – 75 minutes. I guess it really is all relative to how long you spend sitting down.

So in a perfect world we would be spending 225 – 375 minutes a week breaking a sweat – just to stay healthy and counteract sitting still all day. While it might sound like a lot of time working out but you can break it up, walk to work, go for a lunch time walk (not via the dairy) and walk home. All of this adds up and if you add a weekend power-walk to the mix you will notice how quickly you reach 375 minutes of working out!