Adopt These Hobbies in 2017 And Watch Your IQ Improve

Ahhh 2017, we are welcoming you with open arms! A new year is like a clean slate, a fresh diary that is ready for all of the wonderful things you hope to achieve.

Each year many of us make new resolutions, hoping to become healthier and happier – but what about smarter?

Quora users asked this question earlier this year and it seems like the perfect time to share their answers as a new year approaches and we all look toward setting new goals and resolutions.  Max Lukominskyi, CMO at Slice Planner, answered the question and quickly rose to have the most favoured answer.

He believes that the top two hobbies that make you smarter are;

  1. Writing
  2. Working out


Getting a fresh notebook and jotting down your thoughts and ideas is one of life’s small pleasures that very few of us take the time for. But there are so many reasons as to why we should take more time to write (with pen and paper if we can help it!) Writing can help us think deeper, something Why we Write curator Meredith Maran found when she interviewed writers as to why they write.  Similarly, it helps us process negative feelings.

A 1994 study conducted by Stefanie Spera, James Pennebaker and Eric Buhrfeind found that employees who wrote were able to better deal with unpleasant situations. They were also more emotionally intelligent! If you can help it grab a pen and paper and hand write what ever it is you are working on. A study published by Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer from Princeton University and University of California found that students who take notes on their computer learn less than those who take notes by hand.

Working out

There are countless benefits as to why we should workout on a regular basis and that is before we even touch on the fact that it is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Personally I have a lot of trouble concentrating come the afternoon,  but in the morning after a workout I am strong focused (after breakfast that is!) Author of Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain Dr. John Ratey said exercise improves your focus for two to three hours! So if you need to e productive, go to the gym in the morning!

Similarly, researchers at Dana-Farber and Harvard Medical School researched a specific molecule  called irisin that is released during endurance exercise and found that it improves cognition (thinking). Likewise they found working out can protect the brain against degeneration.

Max also suggested obsession, or something that I would call curiosity.

Other hobby suggestions include;

  • Reading
  • Listening to Podcasts
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Travel
  • Meditation