I Always Used To Struggle With Exercise Until I Tried This

My wife is a gym bunny. She loves it. She’s up at the crack of dawn every morning either swimming or running or doing a work out and she seems to sustain it – even through having kids.


She’d always try to get me out there too and after she’d poked me in the belly a few too many times I’d muster up the motivation to renew my gym membership. I would always start out a new exercise regime with all the best intentions and commit to going 4 times a week – to start out it was great. I’d be there day after day, week after week, sweating and heaving and doing all the right things but I could never sustain it. I’d just start to see results and then something would come up that meant I couldn’t make that 4th day in the week and that was the start of the slide. Then I’d be back to where I started, with a growing waistline and my wife once again poking me in the stomach.
Let’s face it we all struggle with motivation. It is hard to prioritise 3-4 days a week going to the gym. As time goes on we end up with more commitments on our time too. Family and work commitments all start to take precedence over the time we spend on ourselves. ‘That meeting that came up’, or ‘I had to pick up the kids’, or ‘I had a big night and just couldn’t find the energy’. We start to look for excuses as to ‘why not’. 4 days a week turns to 3 days a week then 2 then 1 then finally we give up and we are back to where we started. Meanwhile the membership we set up keeps dragging along, the charge keeps coming out but we’re not even utilising the membership. It makes us feel guilty every time we see the charge coming out but we keep it going thinking we are going to get back to it and 6 months later we do it all over again.
That’s the way it was for me for years. I could never find a routine that I could stick with, it was like being on a YOYO diet. It was all out for a few months and then I’d drop back to nothing at all until I came across 101 Fitness and finally my wife introduced me to 101 Fitness and something I could stick with because all I needed to commit to was 25 minutes every week – just once a week!
When I mention this most people will laugh and say ‘how could you possibly get fit with just 25 minutes a week? Well it’s not magic; it comes down to common sense instead. The programme you’ll go on focuses on building muscle. They use Medex Machines so they are ‘state of the art’. What you’ll do is very slow reps- not hard out pumping iron. This is slow reps on a count of 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down until you can’t push anymore. You’ll have someone there the whole time talking you through and encouraging you. You’ll also have the room to yourself so you can be totally focused. The slow reps mean that you’ll reach muscle fatigue, rather than oxygen fatigue which you’ll get from cardio style programs. Once you have done a circuit of just 6 machines the session is over. Following your session the muscles will take a good 5 to 7 days to recuperate. As you build stronger muscles you’ll naturally use more energy and ultimately you’ll end up a lot fitter. More importantly you’ll only need to commit 25 minutes per week so you’ll finally have an exercise regime that you will stick with for life!
If you have a partner that’s starting to pack on the weight and needs something that will chew into the fat without chewing into his time then I think this is something he’ll really enjoy. It’s not without pain but you will see the results.

Great news! I have managed to convince them to give you (or your partner) a trial absolutely free. As one of our readers they’ll give you a free consultation and a free session. You’ll feel the pain for a few days following this session and you’ll know that you are getting the desired results. I have been doing this for 4 years now and let me tell you it works and I haven’t had a break of more than two weeks since I began.
If you go to this page now, all you’ll need to do is give them your phone number and they’ll sort out the rest from there.

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