Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Being a New Mum

Becoming a mum changes everything, you have no time to do your hair, get dressed or even think about shaving your legs. Life is the same for celebs, well at least Anne Hathaway.

The actress was on the Ellen show, where she admitted she showed up in her sweats, with her bed hair and baby Jonathan, or Johnny as she calls him, nestled under her arm hoping there was hair, makeup and styling awaiting her arrival.

She said that this is one of the few out of the house trips she has made, the others have been to the gym. She told Ellen she has been to they gym three times, and she owes this partially to her new found confidence she gained since being a mum.

Anne went on to explain the West Hollywood gym she attends, which she claims is full of people who look like Thor’s trainer and “people who have too many muscles to be in The Avengers.” She admitted that she is often intimidated by the gym, not surprised this gym sounds terrifying!

However, since giving birth she doesn’t care at all.

“I walk in, I’m like, yeah, I work out with five-pound weights, but I pushed a baby out of my body so I feel good right now!” she said, “So I don’t care what I look like, I feel great!”

Of course, she looked incredible on the show as per usual.

On the subject of looking good, Anne gave tips to everyone about the only acceptable thing you can say to a mum.

“‘Oh my God. You look great!’ Doesn’t matter if it’s true. If somebody says I had a baby 13 years ago you say ‘you look great!'”

Watch the interview below.