Anne Hathaway Shared The First Photo Of Her Son And It Is Too Cute

In case you missed it Anne Hathaway gave one of the best speeches on international women’s day about paid parental leave. Everyone was left applauding the actress as she used her experience as a new mum to share what it is like for new mums.

As if her speech wasn’t monumental enough, Anne then shared the first picture of her son watching her speech.


Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman is 11-months-old, and until now has not appeared on social media – go Anne! While we don’t see his face, a trick a lot of celebs are playing now, we can see he takes after his mum with is chocolate brown locks.

The Oscar winner’s picture is more than just a cute shot of her son, it is a reminder that parental leave affects parents as well as these cute wee cherubs. In her speech, Anne touched on some incredibly important points that need to be repeated.

Same-sex couples

“In the modern world, some families have two daddies. How does maternity leave serve them?”


“In other words in order to liberate women, we need to liberate men … Why do we continue to undervalue fathers and overburden mothers?”


“American women are currently entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. American men are entitled to nothing. That information landed differently for me when one week after my son’s birth, I could barely walk.”


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All of those speeches as the Princess of Genovia proved to be helpful.