Anne Hathaway Was Accused Of Hating The Kardashians And She Had The Best Response

Anne Hathaway is the last celebrity we would expect to start any feuds with celebrities, let alone the Kween of celebrity feuds. Nevertheless, Anne has been accused of hating the Kardashians with a since-deleted Instagram post.

The actress posted the popular meme that encourages people to be different “in a world of Kardashians.”

“In a world of Kardashians … Be a Helena Bonham Carter” she wrote, alongside a photo of the star with her signature messy hair in a ponytail, holding a plain coffee mug.

The post received a lot of hate, with people accusing Anne of ‘pitting people against each other’ and ‘putting other people down to bring someone up’.

So how did she deal with the hate? Rather than start a twitter war, she posted a simple yet effective picture.


It never occurred to me I was pitting anyone against each other. Not my style. Peace x

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Mic drop!