Why Anti-Energy Drinks Are Going To Become The Next Big Thing For Stressed Out People

Let’s face it, we live in a world where we are perpetually tired and worst case, stressed. There is so much going on around us, in our personal lives and the world as a whole, that it is hard not to feel fatigued an as a result a little bit tightly wound.

There are solutions; more sleep, working out, eating better, taking ‘me’ time and reading books that put it all into perspective. What we are after, though, is an instant solution, think the energy-drinks you used to take during an all nighter studying.

This is where the newest wellness drink trend comes in (no, not matcha or turmeric lattes).  The anti-energy drink. Far from the  heart-palpitations in a can, aka energy drinks, the anti-energy drink lowers your cortisol levels after a stressful work meeting, or even an intense workout.

The drinks draw from ingredients with relaxing properties, think chamomile and magnesium.

Here are a few of the most popular drinks that we should get our hands on if we need some zen in our lives.

Just Chill

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You will feel yourself chill out thanks to the unique amino acid in these drinks called SunTheanine. It is a supplement that enhances cognitive function, and the best part, and most relaxing, is that it is the only clinically studies form of L-Theanine you can get your hands on. L-Theanine is the amino acid found in green tea that helps improve our performance by reducing stress. Just one can of Just Chill has 15x the amount of L-Theanine found in a single cup of green tea! Currently only available at stores in the states, including Whole Foods, we will have to wait to find a NZ alternative.


NOA Relax and Focus

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Using scientific research and traditions, the natural herbs in this drink help you cope with stress and maintain focus. Containing a green tea extract (equivalent to 15 cups) and a lemon balm, you will feel less stressed with this drink. If you can get your hands on it that is … so far this isn’t available in New Zealand but everyone in Sweden,  Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, France, The UK, Japan, Korea and Estonia can be less stressed.

Another option that is focused on sleep works to the same idea.

Dirty Lemon Sleep

This bad-boy is created with sleep in mind – something that few of us are getting our hands on. It is the combination of magnesium and rose water that promotes drowsiness and mental clarity. As we all know, magnesium is a god-sent for promoting a restful nights sleep. 


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