Apparently These Are The Most Boring Jobs In The World

We all have days where we would rather not be at work, we would rather be on a tropical island, in bed or just anywhere but here, heck the gym would be better.  I like to think of myself as one of the lucky ones who enjoys being at work 90% of the time (although I would always rather be on a tropical island, because who wouldn’t!)

There are people out there, however, who really, really hate their jobs. In fact, according to Emolument’s report 8 out of 10 law professionals say they are bored at work. Ouch.

Legal Jobs 81%
Project Management 78%
Support Functions 71%
Finance Control 68%
Consulting & Accounting 67%
Financial Services & Banking 67%
Engineering 64%
Sales 61%
Marketing & Communications 60%
IT 56%
Human Resources 54%
Education 50%
Executive Management 49%
Research & Development 45%

* Research compiled by Emolument 

Suits may make legal jobs look interesting, but in reality it is less about getting lit up, taking mud baths and finding your one true love (oh and being a fake lawyer…) There goes that dream!

The stats that may be the most interesting find are the ones that look at which level of people are bored. Your boss has worked their butt off for years, so they must love being at the top, right?

Not so much according to this study. Apparently your CEO, CFO and CTO is just as bored as you, whether you are entry level, junior manager, manager or senior manager.

We spend so much time at work, I mean come on we all have work husbands/wives for a reason – we see them more than we see anyone else! So, maybe it is time for a career change or at least a revaluation of why you are doing what you are doing and what you hope to achieve in life

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