According To Experts This Is The Age When You Feel Like An Adult

Adulthood is hard, no longer can you count on your parents to book your dentist appointments or make you buttered-toast when you are sick. It is all up to you, because you are an adult. It’s a terrifying thought, especially if you are anything like me, someone who feels nothing like an adult!

I’m 24 and I don’t feel as though I am a person who is ‘fully grown or developed’.

So, what age do we officially feel like adults?

According to a survey by Fly Research, on behalf of UK Beagle Street life insurance, the age you start to feel like a proper adult is 29.

The study surveyed 2,000 Brits, asking them what milestones made them feel like adults.

“The research shows that what people really believe constitutes being an ‘adult’ are actually significant life events that give them adult responsibilities”, the study concluded. “Up until that point, regardless of their actual age, they are still perceived adolescents.”

Milestones that make you feel like an adult include:

1. Buying a home — 64%
2. Having kids — 63%
3. Marriage — 52%
4. Having a pension — 29%
5. Being in charge of your home’s appearance — 22%
6. Life insurance — 21%
7. Getting excited about staying in for the night — 21%
8. DIY work — 18%
9. Being a dinner party host — 18%
10. A joint bank account — 17%

“Growing up is less about years and more about reaching milestones. With each of these life events there is a need to take responsibility and a need to become an adult, as you have people depending on you to do so,” Matthew Gledhill, managing director of beagle Street said in a press release to Mic.

On the flip side, things that make you feel like a kid include:

1. Financial reliance on parents — 42%
2. Living in your parents’ home — 36%
3. Computer games — 31%
4. Kids’ movies, e.g. Inside Out or Frozen — 30%
5. Enjoying cartoons on TV — 29%
6. A fear of becoming an adult/responsibility — 28%
7. Having no desire for a “real job” — 22%
8. Wanting to travel across the world — 20%
9. Having young role models — 20%
10. An absence of life experience — 19%

Seems like my wanderlust and habit of watching Disney movies really isn’t helping me grow up … Adulthood really is related more to your life milestones than your age.