Ask Yourself These Two Questions Next Time You Feel Anxious Or Stressed and You Will Instantly Feel Better

It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or like everything is happening too fast that you wish you could press pause for a moment and catch your breath. Without the ability to do this, many of us are left on a hamsters wheel dodging stress, worry, anger, sadness and plenty other emotions.

The hardest thing to accept is that sometimes the hamster wheel is in your head and once you get on a roll it can be hard to slow down and stop the negative thoughts.

Louise Thompson is a life coach, wellbeing writer and speaker understands the cycle of negative thoughts and suggests you ask yourself these two simple questions.

  1. What is real NOW?

  2. Is it a problem or is it a fact?

These two questions bring everything into perspective and can help you calm down and cope with the problem ahead of you.

Thompson shared with us why is it so important to ask yourself these two questions, and more importantly why will they help.

“Because stress is temporary and it is generated by what we think – it’s about our reaction to the circumstances around us – not the circumstances themselves. So, by bringing the focus back to what we CAN control (our thoughts, which live inside our head!) we immediately start to get back into our own power which is instantly stress relieving. You may not be able to change the circumstance that is causing you stress, but you always have the choice over how you want to feel about it. These questions are all about reducing stress through empowerment.”

For more anxiety killing questions check out Louise’s page or sign up to her online coaching club, Wellbeing Warriors, which helps busy women improve their well-being.

If you are struggling with anxiety or know someone who is, get in touch with Anxiety New Zealand.