Audrina Patridge Gets Really Honest About Her Love Life After The Birth of Her Daughter

Having a child really changes your life, or so I am told. The only thing that wakes me up in the night it my cat after his next meal so I can only imagine what it is like having a small human rely on you for well, everything. Many mothers I know are obviously ecstatic to hold their baby in their arms, but they also admit that it is pretty exhausting.

Many mothers also share that their love lives do change after the birth of their first child and in some cases you just don’t feel like it – you’re tired, covered in goodness knows what and you treasure any moment you don’t have someone touching or clinging to you.

Audrina Patridge is no different. The new mum spoke to Diana Madison on her YouTube show #thelowdown, and candidly shared what her love life is now like.

“You just don’t feel sexy, you don’t feel like having sex, you’re just not into it,” she said. Audrina admitted that she doesn’t feel to stressed about her new libido, sharing that everyone she spoke to had gone through exactly the same thing.

Diana then joined in, whose own daughter was born in 2015.

“Of course guys are all about that so, it’s like, they feel so deprived and this and that and it’s like I’m tired I want sleep.

I’ve been running around all day give me a break.”

Audrina and her Husband Corey Bohan welcomed their daughter, Kirra, into the world in June and were married in an absolutely gorgeous wedding in November.

The couple have been together since 2009, experiencing a few on-again-off-again moments but ultimately finding their way back to each other. What a love story!

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