The Bachelor Has Finally Found His One True Love

It happens in movies all the time; boy knows girl for years. They go through life side-by-side as friends until one day something happens, their fingers touch and there is a spark or electricity or they catch a glance at each other in a different way.

No cameras, no roses and no drama. This is exactly how former bachelor Jordan Mauger finally handed out his final rose.

Woman’s Day reported that Jordan, 33,  has found his ‘soulmate’ in 30-year-old New Zealand DJ, Gina Middleton – the younger sister of his good friend from high school. Makes sense as to why he didn’t make a move on his mates younger sister…

Imagine that though, love was right under his nose the whole time.

“If Gina had hopped out of the car on that first night of The Bachelor, it would’ve been a very short series,” he told Woman’s Day.

Gina and Jordan met at Rhythm and Vines in 2012, which is where the pair will spend this new years as Gina performs at the festival.

Dates without a camera crew  is probably something somewhat of a novelty for Jordan after his time on the show. Although, I am sure Gina would love to recreate a few of them.

Jordan had a rocky road to love on The Bachelor, to put it nicely. Just 24 hours after the finale Jordan and Fleur Verhoeven broke up and his series saw a few girls opt to go home. There was little mystery about his time on the show, particularly when it came to Naz and their … passion.

But, as with any good love story everything happens for a reason and it seems everyone has found their happily ever after.

Not to say The Bachelor doesn’t work, Art and Matilda are sure winners for the 2016 cutest couple of the year award, so with a 50% success rate who knows what season 3 could bring to our screens!



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