The Bachelor Is Hoping To Strut Back On To Your Screens Very Soon

Remember Jordan Mauger, the bachelor that caused a media stir when he picked Fleur over Naz only to end the relationship a few weeks later? In all honesty how could you forget.

Heartfelt interviews flooded social media and the other (lucky) ladies shared messages of support. All in all it was a dramatic time that took the bachelor to similar levels of its American counterpart.

Well, the bachelor is back and he is hoping to dance his way back into your hearts.

That’s right, Jordan hopes that you will be seeing more of this on your screens weekly.



This video circulated the web and it is uncertain whether it will help or hinder Mauger’s chances. His opinion?


The man can take the piss of himself and in my opinion that is great for Dancing with the Stars. Getting serious about it, the bachelor is keen to be on the show and told Spy “I heard there is going to be another series and Chrystal told me I should put my name forward but I haven’t been approached yet.”

“My dancing is not all that flash but I do have a bit of rhythm, it would be great fun. What I’d really like to do is appear on Dancing with the Stars as Rod Nugent, my character in Westside.”

Seeing as Chrystal did the show and did so well, it is not hard to believe that the bachelor could be back on our screens, this time with a whole lot less power! Will he get the rose mirror ball!?