Beauty alert: How to care for your sensitive skin

Cold winds, heavy rain and bitter air – these are all irritants for people with sensitive skin, which makes leaving the house in the winter a mixture of pain and redness erupting over your face. When you get inside it is not much better, dry air from air conditioning leave you itchy, stinging and dry.

People with sensitive skin really have drawn a short straw, as their skin has an unusually low tolerance to all of these environmental aggressions. This is made worst when people have dry skin, which suffers from poor lipid metabolism. In other words your skin lacks essential lipids so the epidermis cannot fulfil its role as a moisture retaining barrier and so a vicious cycle is born of flakiness, roughness and tightness. Sounds pretty rough huh! Spare a thought for anyone you know with sensitive/dry skin!

Now that you understand why you turn tomato-red after stepping outside, what can you do about it?

You need to replenish, sooth and repair your skin.

Thalgo has four essential products that will help your skin feel soothed and nourished. Their secret? Marine cosmetics. Thalgo has discovered phytoplankton micro-algae oil, which has a unique ability to ‘bio-accumulate’ lipids.




Their Nutri-soothing cream and Nutri-soothing rich cream are enriched with Cold Cream Marine and infused with a high-performance nourishing power to keep you super hydrated.

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