This Is The Best Pizza In New York City Hands Down

When you go to New York there are many things you want to do, most of which have stemmed from our obsessive binge-watching of American television shows that almost always are set in the dreamy city of New York.

One of the top things on my list when I ventured to New York was pizza the size of my face. You know the ones I am talking about, the slices that drip cheese and require two hands to eat. This was our challenge and after scrolling through plenty of trip advisor pages, travel blogs and New York Pizza pages I was apprehensively standing on the corner of Bleecker Street and 7th Avenue outside Bleecker Street Pizza.

This place had glowing reviews and I had set the bar pretty high as far as expectations for a slice of pizza go. After all, Jimmy Kimmel had said it was ‘the best thing he had put in his mouth’,  the Food Network named it best pizza in NYC three years in a row and it is a regular celeb hot spot – the Jenner sisters have stopped by multiple times.

Kylie Jenner @kyliejenner and Hailey Baldwin @baldwinhailey Having a half cheese half nonna pie at #bleeckerstreetpizza #nycpizza #tbt

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The best part is that it actually exceeded my expectations and as a result has ruined pizza from anywhere else for me, much like America did when it comes to finding the perfect cheeseburger back in New Zealand.
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I tried their famous slice the Nonna Maria which is made from an old family recipe. It was topped with fresh mozzarella, homemade marinara sauce,
 parmesan, and fresh basil. It cost just 3.50USD, so roughly 5NZD. My dad went for a different slice and had immediate food envy.

The base was super thin and the bottom was crunchy. I’m not a food reviewer so I can’t even try to describe this eloquently, instead I will just say that it tasted exactly how I imagined it to after years of watching actors and actresses enjoy it. They did not skimp on the cheese and the sauce was definitely not out of a tin.

The best thing is that the staff were super down to earth, he was curious how we had heard about him and his pizza and was chuffed when I said it was thanks to his pizza appearing on multiple blogs.

Calling it and saying this is the best pizza in NYC might seem like a big statement, but we did do the research and try a few other slices – none of which surpassed. So, I am going to go out on a limb and call it – this is the best pizza in NYC and if you are there you are doing yourself a favour by trying it.