This Is The Best Spot In New York

The feeling of stepping foot in a new city is intoxicating, everything is new and exciting and even the most mundane task of going to the supermarket can turn into an event. I have never felt as exhilarated as I did arriving in New York. Yellow cabs, The Empire State and the brownstones with fire-escapes that were all so cinematic I could hardly contain my excitement.

When you enter the city that never sleeps there are endless things you need to tick off your bucket list; Times Square, NY street food, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge – the list goes on. Each place is more wonderful than it looks on the big-screen and each place has its own unique sense of character. After a week in New York I was in love with every thing I had seen, but there was one place that I still think of on a daily basis.
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Central Park – the greenery in the middle of the concrete jungle. It is an unreal sight and to get the best view you need to head up the top of the Rock.


Here are my top 2 reasons for why you need to make Central Park the top of your New York Bucket List.

1.  A real sense of New York can be felt in the park.

Just walking around the park and you can get a real sense of what New York is about. The baseball fields are full of children and adults playing and practising what is one of America’s favourite sports. Right next door and you will find people sharing their art with the world, street performers, artists, photographers, musicians make the park their stage. Street-food carts are dotted around the park providing the must-eat hotdogs, pretzels and ice creams. Just sitting and watching the people go by is one of the best park activities.


2. It is home to all of the greatest movie moments. 

Home alone, Chuck and Blairs Wedding, Carrie and Big falling into the lake, Stuart Little – the list could go on all day! Central Park has been the backdrop to some of the greatest movies and TV shows and it is hard not to feel a sense of excitement as you walk around the grounds.


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