This New Body Trend Will Make You So Happy If You Are Anti The Thigh Gap

There is an idea among society that the only way to have the perfect body is to have the #thighgap. Something that is natural for some and not for others, not a trend that should be celebrated.

Thankfully strong is becoming the new skinny and the world is more obsessed with bootys and abs – and #mermaid thighs.

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You read that right, our dreams of becoming a mermaid is now celebrated.

It is one of the best body positivity terms to float around the internet at the moment, finally a hashtag that makes people feel good about themselves.

Here are some of the greatest Instagram snaps about #mermaidthighs that will make you feel better about your body – whether you have thighs that touch or not.


Thick thighs and big booty, forever!! ? #mermaidthighs #thickthighs

A photo posted by Hayley Wagner (@hurricane.hayley) on

Repost from @radandhappy #mademegiggle #mermaid #mermaidthighs

A photo posted by Stef – Jack & Theo’s Supply Co (@jackandtheos) on

mermaid thighs > thigh gap ?????? #greetingcards #watercolorgreetingcards #mermaidthighs

A photo posted by Charley Holidae (@charleyholidaedesigns) on

#imamermaid #winning #winner #mermaidthighs #mermaid #mermaidlife #bejealous ?

A photo posted by Tabby? (@tabbymarie89) on

Whatever your body shape, embrace the strong is the new skinny idea.

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