5 Breakfast Ideas For When You Are Running Out Of Time In The Morning

When your alarm goes off in the morning you are often faced with one of two ways that your morning is going to end up. First scenario is you get out of bed early, make yourself eggs on toast and sit down enjoying your morning. The second scenario, and most likely, is that you snooze your alarm a few more times and realise you will be stuck with a banana for breakfast. Fear not, for we have found some great breakfast on-the-go recipes that require minimal time in the morning.

1. Hard Boiled eggs
Eggs are loaded with high-quality vitamins and proteins that keep you going all morning, and keep you full. Boil a few eggs on a Sunday night and through the week you just need to crack into them, if you want an extra few minutes in bed de-shell the eggs on Sunday as well and you literally can grab and go.

2. Smoothies.
It wouldn’t be an on-the-go breakfast list without the inclusion of smoothies.  Green, berry, chocolate, protein? Take your pick. If you want to really save time in the morning put it all in the blender cup the night before and put it in the fridge, then you just have to blend in the morning.

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3. Homemade egg muffin cups.
Again with the eggs, but just remember how good they are. This is a simple breakfast idea that also only requires a few minutes on a Sunday night. Grab a muffin tin, some eggs and whatever fillings you desire – spinach, onions, frozen vege, bacon. Crack the egg into the tin, mixing if you need to, add the toppings, mix and then bake until the eggs look cooked. Pop in zip lock bags in the freezer and take out each night or leave in the fridge for immediate enjoyement.

4. Apple Sandwiches
An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Slice your apples into toast like pieces, smother with nut butter and ta-da, you have a healthy breakfast to eat on the go.

5. Breakfast burrito
By now we all know that starting our day with an egg is a great way to get the nutrients we need, but not all of us can stomach a hard boiled egg or have time for eggs on toast, instead get spicy. Grab a wrap, some chopped up tomatoes and some scrambled eggs – breakfast burrito in under 3 minutes. Wrap it in some tin foil and you can eat it as you walk to the  bus.

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