This Bride Broke Tradition At Her Wedding And The Results Were Amazing

Weddings normally see brides prancing down the aisle in a dreamy, floaty,  sometimes meringue like, white dress. However, Melbourne woman Sophie Shaw broke this tradition and strutted down the aisle in a stunning black gown.

The blogger,  Young Mummy, spoke to the Daily Mail and said she wore a black dress “because [she] wanted to.”

‘I always wear black anyway, I think it suits me and it’s such a bold and striking colour,’ she said.

BLACK LOVE ❤️ What I would do to wear this incredible masterpiece – my wedding dress – again. @signormontcouture you’ll forever have a place in my heart for creating this for me. I don’t do ‘traditional’ and both Jaryd & I as a couple don’t do ‘normal’ – we wanted to do US and this dress definitely screams ME. That’s what your wedding day should be about… Not how much money you spent, how many carats your ring is, what location, or what ‘on trend’ food you served… Make the day all about YOU TWO and celebrating the intense love you have for one & other, surrounded by your favorite people who genuinely want to see your happiness. I’ve never had as much fun as I did on this night, the BEST night of my life✨ you can find this baby hanging in the window at @signormontcouture

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…so many more to come.

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The bridal party also donned black, with bouquets that featured no flowers.