Chic Kmart Decorating Inspiration You Need To See

Kmart used to be the kind of shop you only went into if you really had to, like if your mum dragged you in to look for something. Now, it is the kind of shop you go into ‘just for a look’ and leave with bags full, an empty bank account and hours of your life gone.

The clothing section has improved significantly, with active wear for everyone, and the makeup section has all of the Kardashian approved drug-store products. It is hard however to compare to the homewear section, there is storage for everything, rugs and cushions to decorate plenty of homes and pieces that are bang on trend without the price tag that makes your hands sweat and your credit card shudder.

It seems that our love for Kmart is mutual among every New Zealand and Australian women with a passion for on trend décor and of course bargains. How do we know this? Instagram of course.

With well over 25 individual Instagram accounts dedicated to Kmart, there is plenty of inspiration on the social media platform.