Chris Hemsworth Had The Best Response To His Daughter’s Questions About Her Anatomy

Fathers sharing tales of conversations with their daughters are adorable, especially when it is the handsome Chris Hemsworth.

The actor recently appeared on Ellen to talk about his upcoming role in The Huntsman: Winter’s war and the topic changed to his family and some jealousy issues he is having with is kids.

Siblings get jealous and want what their brothers and sisters have. But in this case, the four-years-olds envy of her little brothers is a little more difficult to resolve than asking the kids to share.

Chris shared the story with Ellen and had everyone in fits of laughter.

“She came to me the other day and was like ‘you know papa, I want one of those things that Sasha and Tristan have.’”

“I was like, what do you mean? [and] she’s like ‘you know the things in between their legs.'”

A little bit struck by the conversation, Thor took it in his stride, after having a bit of a brain explosion of course…

“Girls have breasts,” he said to which she responded “I don’t want breasts.”

“She was like, ‘I really want one…I want a penis!'” he said. The audience erupted into laughter, before Chris shared his response and it was amazing!

“I was like, she’s 4, you know what, you can be whatever you want to be. And she goes, ‘Thanks dad!’ Runs off to the playground and that was it. I’ll have to pick that conversation up in a few years time.”

Safe to say Chris handled that like a superhero. The father was also very pleased by the women in the Huntsman and cannot wait for his daughter to see women where they are “in charge of their own destiny and not waiting for their prince to save them.”

Watch the full clip below.