Chris Hemsworth’s Co-Star Shares What It Is Really Like To Kiss The Handsome Actor

Everyone has a dream man, for some this is in the form of a blonde, blue-eyed, fit, tall man who is good with kids and hilarious. There is one man we can think of that ticks all of these boxes, Chris Hemsworth.

The Australian actor won us over when he spoke about the hilarious conversation he had with his daughter about her anatomy – which he handled like a pro! But it seems he also wins over the woman he works with.

Jessica Chastain, his co-star in the Snow White and the Huntsman prequel, was on Ellen recently talking about the movie and the time she spanked Madonna…

According to Jessica, Chris is so nice that it is apparently annoying, “he is perfect…funny and a great dad.” Ticking all the boxes!

But it seems there one one more thing Ellen was thinking about, which we have all wondered at some time in our long-lasting crush on Chris Hemsworth – he was great in Home and Away!

Is he a good kisser? Ellen asked. To which Jessica responded “yes he is a very good kisser’.

“Elsa is a lucky woman!”

No surprises there!

Watch the full interview below.