This Christmas Gift Wrapping Hack Will Change Your Life

It’s that time of the year, the streets are lit up all night with fairylights, carols fill the stores (and have done since November), and poor souls drag themselves around the malls looking for a present for Great Aunt Sally’s cat. It can only be Christmas.

Now I am a bit of a Christmas fiend, but so many people are a little more Grinchy when it comes to this time of the year.

There is one thing that can turn even the most Christmasy person into a bit of a Grinch, that’s right – gift wrapping.

After hours upon hours of nightmares finding the end of the cellotape – wrapping sucks. Thanfully, there might be an easy trick.

A Japanese department store, Takashimaya, developed a bit of a reputation over the last few years for the mind-blowing technique they use to wrap presents.

In just 15 seconds you can wrap like a pro with this videoYouTube user BeatTheBush, which explains how to do it – slowly!

Once you have wrapped a few presents, you might even be like this.

Of course, there is one small issue…everything needs to be in boxes!