This Is The Most Common Mistake People Make At Yoga

When we found out that yoga was an effective form of cardio we were pretty excited. Not only is yoga the perfect way to take some time out for your mind and body, but it is also as good for your body (sometimes better) than running.

We’ve been advocates of yoga for a while now, but what we didn’t know is that we have been doing this move completely wrong.

We spoke to Kelly Watt from TRUE food and Yoga about the most common mistake people are making during a yoga class.

“The most common yoga pose which is practised incorrectly is Chaturanga dandasana – high plank to low plank.”

“This is a strong pose which requires bicep, tricep & core strength. Mariska Swartz and Dani Raemakers teach yoga at TRUE are both masters of this alignment.”




When you are doing it you are probably like me and think you have mastered it! Chances are you haven’t.  So how can we fix our mistakes?

“The most common mistakes I see in this pose are due to a lack of strength in the core. Students who have not yet developed the strength in their core may slump in the middle body as they lower to the floor in the low plank transition. Repeatedly practising the pose in this way is hard on the lower back, especially if the core isn’t engaged to protect the spine. Students should drop their knees to the floor until strength has developed – this comes with time and regular practice.

The best way to prevent injury is to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard – it should be challenging but it shouldn’t hurt. Movement is medicine after all! Focus on your breath and be mindful of your body as you practice. And as with any exercise, be sure to warm up the body first. I like to do this with three sun salutations.”

Take Kelly’s advice to heart and make sure you do this carefully, after all it is not about looking like a yogi and hurting your back.