You Will Not Believe The Cost Of An Average Wedding

He put a ring on it, now, the fun really begins. Looking through countless wedding magazines and having the time of your life drooling over dreamy gowns, flower arrangements and personalised cake toppers. But before you can make these dreams become a reality you have to get out the credit card.

This is where the wedding fun can turn sour, but just how much money should you prepare yourself to separate from?

Thumbtack released it’s Annual Wedding Trends Report, which shows just how much an average wedding costs.

It was unearthed that the average American would spend $12,189USD on their wedding, that is roughly $18,271 New Zealand Dollars.

This number is much lower than previous estimates, with The Knot’s most recent Real Weddings Study concluding that people spent $31,213USD on average ($46,800NZD).

While this number is significantly higher, Thumbtack argue that there are misconceptions about all those $30K weddings.

“At Thumbtack, we analyzed data from more than 750,000 price quotes for the most popular wedding services to find out what couples typically pay — for everything from the DJ to the decorator.”

Thumbtack then took these wedding essentials, which included hair styling, an officiant, a band, limo and catering, and came up with a weddings average cost.

In comparison, The Knot’s list has all those items, but also included several others that Thumbtack failed to mention, such as a wedding dress, the grooms attire and the engagement ring, all things most brides would say are wedding essentials.

Therein lies the real problem, what is counted as a wedding essential? Could you live without flowers, a limo – or a wedding dress?