This Is The Ultimate Date Night Inspiration

If you’re looking for something a little less tried-and-true for a date with that cute guy from the coffee shop, or you want somewhere to take the kids on a rainy Sunday, you should definitely check out the Auckland Stardome.

The huge expanse of unobstructed stars that greets you from the view of the relaxing inclined seats take you to a place far, far away from Earth and all of the terrestrial anchors that come with daily life. Your guide will take you on a trip like no other, through the ever-unfolding edges of the universe as we know it.




The Stardome uses super high-resolution projectors to give images of distant stars and planets on the giant domed screen above you with beautiful clarity. The planetarium shows run every night except Mondays, and are regularly switched around so there’s always something new to see. There are a huge range of shows available for you to see, from the Night Sky to Astronauts, Black Holes and much more.

Every night from Wednesday to Sunday at 8pm, the Winter Night Sky show runs, which is a tour of the constellations and planets visible in the sky that night. If the sky is clear, there are courtyard telescopes available to get a closer look at some of the major visible astronomical objects. On Thursday – Saturday, for an extra $10 you can book aZeiss Telescope experience to really enhance your view. The Winter Night Sky show is $15 per adult and $12 per child.


Stardome Zeiss


With the weather being as random as it has recently, don’t worry about possibly missing out – the Stardome is all indoors so it runs whatever the weather!