Easy Ways To Keep Fit This Summer Without Stepping Foot In A Gym

Summer holidays are without a doubt the best time of the year, ever since we were kids we spend most of our time throughout the year lusting after the days of sun, late nights and no routine. All we want it to relax.

Every day for the past 300-something days we have been up to an alarm, heading to the gym and saying no to excessive amounts of chocolate – something that many people seem to give into at Christmas (I am so guilty). Unfortunately, a lack of routine and a lack of weights, treadmills and a sweaty gym rooms means we fall, or slip, of the bandwagon that we worked so hard all year to stay on.

It is scary how fast we can lose everything we have worked so hard to gain, which is why we need to at least keep one foot (or toe) on the fitness bandwagon.

Here are a few ways you can keep fit this summer without a gym and in 30 minutes or less.

Do an ‘at home workout’ video.

Get your yoga mat, pop on your active wear and use the wondrous internet as your trainer. You can find a lot of workouts that are under 5 minutes and target certain areas so you can keep it similar to your gym routine if you normally do legs day, arms day etc. Pick a few, pop on the fan and get it over and done with! If you are a Les Mills member you can also try out the Les Mills on demand classes, imagine getting the whole family onto a Sh’Bam class!

Here are a few of my faves (that are also super short!)


Go hard or go home

If you only have a little bit of time, try HIIT. If you want to keep your fitness it pays to do a few high intensity workouts. Go for a a run, but include a few sprints in it to begin with and end it with some burpees, jump squats and jump lunges. Run up some stairs! What ever you do, stick to fast, powerful movements for just 30 minutes.

Keep it simple

If you are camping or spending time at the bach, chances are you have a beautiful spot to walk or run around. Go for a morning run followed by a short swim and some sit-ups on the beach. Could you ask for a more picturesque spot? Plus, as an early riser you will beat the rush to the showers and get the best spot on the beach.

Enjoy an active kiwi summer

I often spend some of my summer break in the Coromandel (along with half of New Zealand). Every year we slather ourselves in sunscreen, chuck on our bikini, grab a water bottle and do the walk (some may call it a hike) from Ha Hei beach to Cathedral Cove. Some times we even kayak around there. At the end of this we are covered in sweat and the swim is soooo much sweeter. Our heart rate is up, our legs are a little tired and our arms are normally jelly from dragging our christmas-pudding laden body around the water. These little things actually make a difference, give you endorphins that you are lacking and stop you from feeling flat – and guilty for the 7th cookie time cookie you just shoveled in your gob.

If all else fails … Keep your routine

You might not be able to do your normal workout regime, but if all else fails at least stick to your workout regime. Normally get up at 6.15 for the gym? Get up early (when possible) and go for a walk or hop back into bed with a good book. A holiday is all about relaxing and letting your body get the sleep it needs, but if you wake up at the normal time – get up! Your body is ready for it and when it comes back to getting up for work you won’t hate the world so much. If this all sounds too much, at least try setting your alarm a little earlier each day for the last few days of your holiday to make the transition a little easier.

End of the day, it is summer holidays! Don’t feel too guilty for being a little less active. Just be prepared for those 4kg weights to feel like 10 next time you do chest flies.