This Is How Emma Stone Got Her Incredible Dancer Body For La La Land

There is no denying the fact that we want to swap places with Emma Stone in La La Land as she dances and laughs with the world’s very own McDreamy, the one and only Ryan Gosling.

La La Land was anything but an easy, breezy dream for Emma and Ryan as the worked closely with So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Mandy Moore, perfecting their moves.

To do these moves, it takes a lot of mental and physical determination and discipline, something that if you have seen the movie you will know these two had. Emma had the mental determination down but she needed a little help  on the physical side of it. Enter Jason Walsh, Hollywood personal trainer that is responsible for Victoria’s Secret models, Jennifer Anniston and Matt Damon.

Apart from great clients, Jason is also an expert at all things fitness and knows how important it is to break the common fitness myth that women shouldn’t lift weights. So many women fear that weights will make them bulky and buff. But Jason proved that wrong with Emma.


Congratulations to my friend Emma!! Im so happy for you! Couldn’t have happened to a better person. #goldenglobes

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The two worked tirelessly getting Emma ready and his move of choice is something we can do ourselves.

The deadlift.

“It is, and always will be, the deadlift and variations of the deadlift. Its a complex movement that incorporates every major muscle group working together. It’s very important,” Walsh told the Sun.


Walsh is a big fan of weights and strength training, which is no surprise considering how good weight training is for weight loss.

“Staying strong supports the skeletal system, stabilises joints, makes your cardio safer and more effective.

“If strength training is done right, you get plenty of cardio from lifting as well. Cardio comes secondary.”
I mean, look how stunning she looks at the 89th Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon.

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Take it from the Hollywood trainer, strength training and deadlifts – just make sure you consult a trainer or someone before doing a deadlift as you can hurt yourself quite easily.