Entrepreneur Coach, Penny Elliott, Shares Advice For Making It In The Business World

Each issue we speak to four inspiring, hard-working women and find out their thoughts on success, gender stereotypes and inspiration.  Penny Elliott, Founder of Pennycomins, shared with us what makes her tick and most importantly, advice that will help us succeed in both business and life.

I’d name my autobiography: Latte Lane to Kona Coffee. And my sequel will be Rich AND Relaxed, because you can have both.

To me success means: Having all you desire. Being able to do work that you love and have time for loved ones, all while pushing yourself to be the best version you can be. Throw in a few adventures and loads of abundance and you have success.


Lacking the confidence around money is the biggest limiting factor for woman in business.

My most treasured possession: My Rolex that my Grammy brought me. Every time I look at the time I think of her and the inspiration she was.

The gender stereotype I can’t stand: Women need to be the mother of the company. Infuriating.

Best advice I’ve been given was: See it all dear, see it all – my Grammy. Done is better than perfect – my coach Emily Williams. The body goes where the body takes it – me!

My definition of a feminist is: In business you can have masculine energy with authenticity, get things done and not be nasty about it. Keeping a balance of feminine and masculine energies is a true skill that women have. Wearing a long ribbon in your pony tail while hitting the trails running as hard as you can. You can be pretty and push yourself.

Biggest ‘pinch me’ moment: Reaching six figures in my business in a year, something that I built from scratch, I shocked myself. Standing on the start line of the Ironman World Champs in Kona, Hawaii – it took me nine years and 17 attempts to get there; a dream come true.

I made my first dollar: Selling grapes on the side of the road in Pokeno. I bet some readers will remember that as we sold a lot of grapes over Easter each year. More famous than the ice creams.
Biggest frustration for women in the business world: Not knowing and truly believing their worth. They have what I term the ‘little girl voice’ when it comes to money. This could be when negotiating their pay, their position or closing deals. Lacking the confidence around money is the biggest limiting factor for woman in business.

My secret to achieving a work/life balance: Knowing (and believing) my worth and then being effective with the money I make in the time I have. This then allows me to have time to play!
Outsourcing to people is key too. Use others’ strengths to move the needle in your business. I also schedule everything – right down to buying the groceries. If it is scheduled then it will happen. Most women schedule business tasks yet forget to schedule in their ‘me-time’. Both are equally important.

In five year’s time I see myself: Helping thousands of woman around the world to remove the icky feeling in sales and growing their businesses and in turn their confidence. Speaking from the stage and creating a ripple effect of the Rich and Relaxed movement.

Best memory with my mum: Her saying my wedding dress was exquisite, putting Kate Middleton’s to shame. Hilarious! Or else going show shopping together and hanging out – she loves shoes.

Dream winter getaway: Skiing in Canada – I love Lake Louise. A good day on the slopes. Ice skating in the ice castle and lights, then snuggling in front of the fire with a glass of red wine and reading a juicy book.

Favourite book: The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. The Confidence Code, by Katty Kay & Claire Shipman

Signature scent: Chanel No.5

Movie with the best ending: Titanic! When she throws the necklace in the ocean as an old lady. Precious.

Life motto: Rich and Relaxed; you can have both!