This Is The Equipment That The Fittest People At The Gym Use

Heading to the gym is like heading to the jungle, there are animals (people) everywhere, each in their own habitat. You have the ‘serious gym junkies’ who you will find hovering by the mirrors flexing their muscles and jiggling their pecs – while taking snaps of course. Then there are the ‘gym bunnies’ on the cardio machines, in their matching Nike workout gear gossiping to get their heart rates up. Last, but not least, there is the ‘gym gorilla’, on the bench press letting out a bellowing howl every time he lifts his weights – so you know that he lifts.

All in all, the gym is a pretty exhausting place – and that’s before you even start to work out. So where do you fit in? More importantly, is your chosen workout equipment where all the fittest of the fit people are? Thankfully, found out.

They observed 225 people at three different gyms across all different genders and ages and found out a lot about people’s workout preferences. Seem’s your habitat says a lot more about you than you thought.

The fittest people at the gym are on the … rower.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly if you think about the fitness level associated with competitive rowing) the fittest people at the gym flock to the rower, which is not a common piece of equipment at all (only 4% of people use it). Next up, dumbbells, which is also the most common.




Girls really are afraid of weights and opt for the cardio machines.

There is a myth out there that lifting weights will make you a body builder and that the only way to slim down and tone up is through cardio. Unfortunately, it seems women do believe this. According to research by Harvard School of Public Health we should be trading the treadmill for the dumbbells and other forms of strength training. The study found that those who spent 20 minutes per day performing resistance training were more likely to ditch the stubborn belly fat and in turn lose the weight they were hoping.



People rarely do cardio at night.

Maybe it seems like too much hard work, or maybe you are just too tired from sitting down all day … but it seems cardio is really rare at the end of the day. Free weights dominate all day long, unsurprisingly.



The study (albeit small) has a few key findings that need to be taken away. Firstly, we all need to row more to unleash our fitter self. Secondly, women need to understand that lifting weights won’t make them huge!